Christian Recovery


본 대학교의 교육이념 및 기독교 선교 사명에 부응하여 이 땅위에 상처 입은 많은 영혼과 마음을 치유하고 건강하고 아름다운 가정의 회복과 개인의 회복, 교회에서의 회복을 위하여 전문적인 지도자들을 양육한다. 이 학과에서는 오늘날 꼭 필요한 사역을 더 이루어 나감으로 건강한가정, 건강한 개인, 건강한 사회, 건강한 교회를 이루려고 한다.


Many of us live with private images of God that do not match our stated beliefs about God. We may intellectually believe in a God of love and grace, but find ourselves privately struggling with fears about God. These fears may leave us trying hard to earn God’s approval, trying hard to avoid God’s anger, or trying hard to “get it right”.

This course makes use of this rich biblical imagery. Each session will end with a reading of a text from Scripture that offers a glimpse of God’s goodness and power and grace. For some who have had Scriptures used against them, this might feel distressing at first. But what I have discovered is that biblical images have the ability to move past our defenses and to speak the truth of God’s love and grace and goodness into our hearts’ deepest longings. I offer this material with prayers that what I have to share in this course will bring new hope and healing to your life. “The God of Hope will fill you with peace and joy as you come to trust God” more and more (Romans 15:13).