The following grading system is in effect at ACU.

A 96-100 4.0 Outstanding
A- 92-95 3.7 Superior
B+ 88-91 3.3 Very good
B 84-87 3.0 Satisfactory
B- 80-83 2.7 Average
C+ 77-79 2.3 Acceptable
C 74-76 2.0 Borderline pass
C- 71-73 1.7 Not acceptable
F 0-70 0.0 Failing
P/F 71-100/0-70 0.0 Pass/Fail (selected courses)
I   0.0 Incomplete
W   0.0 Withdrawal
AUD   0.0 Audit


An Incomplete (“I”) grade may be granted only when students are unable to complete course requirements because of extenuating circumstances. These circumstances may include personal illness, personal or family crisis, or other reasonable and unforeseeable events. It is the responsibility of the student to submit a petition for an incomplete grade, signed by the instructor, to the academic dean by the last day of the term. If the petition is granted, all the outstanding assignments must be submitted to the instructor by the end of the next semester to receive a letter grade.