Program Learning Outcomes

To promote effectiveness in teaching and learning, American Chongshin University has set forth student learning outcomes for each degree program. We also have identified possible Christian vocations that graduates might assume. All our degree programs are currently unaccredited and thus may not be recognized for employment positions outside the church community.


  • Bachelor Degree Prerequisite: High school diploma or its equivalent, or successful completion of 12 college-level semester credits with a “C” or higher for each course.
  • Master Degree Prerequisite: Bachelor’s degree. Some students may be allowed to enter into an M.A. degree program without an undergraduate degree.
  • M.Div. Degree Prerequisite: Bachelor’s degree, Equivalent.
  • Th.M. Degree Prerequisite: M.Div. degree or equivalent.
  • D.Min. Degree Prerequisite: M.Div. degree or equivalent.
  • Th.D. with Focus Core Prerequisite: Master’s degree, Master of Theology degree.
  • Others Doctor Degree Prerequisite: Master’s degree