Scholarships, Tuition Discounts

A. Selection Procedures

  1. Rules for Selecting Scholarship Recipients
    The Scholarship Recipient must be a current full-time American Chongshin University student and must have been a full-time student in the previous semester. Full-Time undergraduate level students must be enrolled in at least 12 units and full-time graduate level students must be enrolled in at least 9 units to be eligible for scholarship.
  2. Scholarship Disbursement
    Scholarships are not paid in cash but in tuition fees. However, if there happens to be any scholarship money still remaining at the time of graduation, then the scholarship recipient will receive a check in the amount of the remaining credit.
  3. Standard for Selecting Scholarship Recipients with the Same GPA
    In the case that several selected students happen to have the same GPA, the scholarship will be based on the current semester’s GPA, the previous semester’s GPA, and the cumulative GPA.


B. Types of Scholarship 

  1. President’s Scholarship
    Amount: ;$ 500
    Awarded to: One undergraduate student with the best GPA
    Criteria: The Scholarship Committee will screen and reward the President’s Scholarship to one undergraduate student with the best GPA who also exhibits model behavior. In the case of a tie among students with the same GPA, the selection will proceed as described in the President’s Scholarship
  2. Best GPA Scholarship
    The Scholarship Committee will screen and select the scholarship and the candidate who is within the top 1 person each class.
  3. Service Scholarship
    1) Worship and Praise Servers
    The Worship and Praise Serving Leaders will be awarded $500, and they will be allowed to qualify for other scholarships concurrently.
  4. Religious Worker Scholarship
    A student who is an active pastor or is the spouse or is a child of an active pastor at any church, will receive 40% of tuition discount, as long as a student can submit a copy of the Pastor Ordination, and a current Church Program at which the pastor serves. A student who is an evangelist can receive up to 40% of tuition discount with the approval from the Scholarship Committee.
  5. Sponsor Matching Scholarship
    After student finds a new sponsor, church or organization, and if the new sponsor requests AMERICAN CHONGSHIN UNIVERSITY to provide student with a scholarship, The Scholarship Committee will evaluate and may provide scholarship up to fifty percent (50%) of the sponsored amount but not more than the remaining balance of the tuition amount for the current Semester and up to $ 800.