1. THEOLOGY (신학)

미래의 한국교회 지도자 및 유능한 평신도 지도자를 배출하기 위하여 설립된 학과로서 졸업생들이 교계와 학계 그리고 사회 각계각층에서 눈부신 활약을 하고 있으며, 개혁주의 신학에 입각하여 기독교 교양과 신학의 기초이론 교육을 바탕으로 신학을 체계적으로 탐구하고 경건훈련을 실시함으로써 기독교세계관을 가지고 교회와 사회에 책임 있게 봉사하는 교회의 지도자와 평신도 지도자를 양성하며,  더 나아가 신학자를 양육한다.


Theology Department is solidly rooted in the Trinitarian faith of the church throughout the ages. We are committed to the authority of Holy Scripture as God’s word and to the worldwide mission and ministry of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to provide students with an intellectually challenging, academically rigorous and spiritually enriching theological education that will equip them to serve in a wide variety of contexts. The theology major focuses on the classical disciplines of biblical studies, church history, and Christian theology; as students move through the curriculum, we encourage them to discern Jesus Christ’s call on their lives and to respond in faithful obedience.

Our ultimate aim is to nurture the adolescent into a responsible, believing adult who recognizes the power of God's law and the Church's contribution to humanity and who will guide his/her life according to Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.